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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I can't get to sleep, so I want to kill myself. That is ridiculous and overdramatic. I can remember even as a child, wanting to bang my head against the headboard to knock myself out so that I could sleep. So I've always had these horrible thoughts. Doesn't everyone?

Perhaps not. But I hold that they are not unusual or aberrant, even though to express them is. We are human, we think awful things, just like we think wonderful things. The measure of a person is: which does she act on? Sometimes I fear someone might be able to read my mind. Then I just hope he will understand. 

There are also the rare times that I am able to turn my mind to useful thought during a sleepless night. A valuable skill. 

I was also reading about– pay me a dollar for every story I write, and I'll write one just for you.